Sunday, December 27, 2009

All about Amelia!

Amelia really is adorable...I just don't think there are enough words to describe how wonderful and loving she really is. She makes us smile and laugh so hard we are crying everyday! Now, for some good pictures...

First, this should have been in the Christmas post...this is Amelia on Christmas Day...she loved the dollhouse that they got...however, she didn't understand why we kept telling her she couldn't sit on it. She thought these extra rooms were seats for her to sit and play...and anytime I came near her she'd say "cheese".

She got tons of really cool things for of her favorite things is the aquadoodle wall mat. Look at her color...(soon to be artist I think!)

Now, Nonni and Nonno THINK they bought Abby these dolls...but, they really got them for Amelia as she's been carting them around the house. She plays this really annoying game called "oops the glasses fell off again help" and then you have to put the glasses back on the doll and then the dolls glasses come off in like two seconds...Amelia thinks these are the best. Abby likes them too but not nearly as much as Amelia.

And, lastly...she really does like to model for the camera..."say cheese, Amelia"

Sorry for no pictures of Abby...she didn't want to smile, say cheese or even be in the room with the camera...but, perhaps today!

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