Saturday, June 13, 2009

Weekend Fun!

Ok...its been like so long since I last blogged *giggle* are you sick of me yet? I hope not!
So today was quite eventful. I went out with Missy & Iszak this morning. We went to quite a few yard sales and didn't find anything too exciting. We did find ONE thing for 3.00 but I'm not posting pictures until after the project is complete -- that's for another blog later in the week. We also went to the church and helped organize the preschool rooms which was a very daunting task...and we left it incomplete...
We came home and the kids both took fabulous naps! Jenna (our neighbor) was supposed to come take Abby to the pool this afternoon but it had been thundering so the pool closed crazy not even open at all. Boo! I still had her come over though - she played with Abby and had a pretty good time. They went to the park & fed the ducks and was nice. I spent the time cleaning up a bit and tending to Amelia. And contemplating reviewing this book I got for free -- I got it for free but I'm supposed to review it and I honestly found it to be so poorly written. I'm not an author - I know this...but this lady thinks she is and totally isn't. How do I nicely say that?! Or perhaps I should say "Who the hell published this" and while I'm at it..."Who was the editor" (They missed a few things!).
Anyways...after Jenna left we had dinner played around for awhile and took baths. Amelia went to bed followed by me trying to get Abby to bed for what felt like forever. Finally she fell asleep. I got my chance to clean up a bit and pack...pack you ask...yes...I'm going away for a couple days. I'll be home Tuesday! I think we all need to step away from the boredom for a few moments. Abby's so excited to see Uncle Josh & his horsey...and it'll be good to see Krystin again too!
Enjoy the pictures & video...check back on Tuesday night for more video & pictures...perhaps you'll see the $3.00 yard sale purchase as well!!!
Amelia chillin' in her toy bin
Amelia's smile is o-so-cute!
Amelia & Abby in the bath...this is her first non-baby tub bath...the tub is going in the attic when Joe gets home because Amelia climbed her little heiny right out of it!!! Humph!
Video from today:
(I can't for the life of me get the spacing between paragraphs looking decent...keep trying - not working - ugh!)

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