Thursday, June 25, 2009

Peace Love & Ladybugs!

Wed Jun 24 at 7pm was Abby's first gym show. She's been taking gymnastics for over a year now...well...My Gym (March 08-Dec08) and Gymnastics Dec 08 to present...this is her gym show with the gymnastics class she's part of...they all wore matching little leotards and looked adorable. This picture is dark because Joe mustn't have had the flash up...but still our cutie;) Abby's little buds...Oh...and if you know me - Abby's always in bed 7pm for a gymshow was kind of late...seeing as she goes to bed at 730pm! Here she is exhausted...this is in the middle of the show!!!!
At the end all the kids got medals & certificates...Abby plans to hang them in her room...
So...all in all it was a fun show...Abby loved it...and we are so proud of her. She starts her summer gymnastics classes in a little over a week:) She'll be going twice a week instead of just once. She needs to get the energy out somewhere!
Below you can see some video from last nights event...however - its all video taken on our camera (how I normally take video) but Joe did bring the actual camcorder only to have it break on us while we were glad I grabbed the P&S and not the DSLR. My reasoning for not bringing the nicer camera was because I knew I'd be holding Amelia and recently I've learned that doesn't always take the best pictures when she's grabbing the camera...anyways! Enjoy:)

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