Thursday, June 11, 2009

June it over yet?

I'm totally counting down the days until Joe gets home...I have been counting them down since he left...but after today I'm totally done and fried and so ready for him to be home already!!! Is it the 19th YET?!
Let's see...for starters...I took Abby back to the doctor where we found out she has a UTI. I guess they are fairly common. I've had a bunch before but still...not a good thing to get. The doctor suggested going for a follow up ultrasound on her kidneys. We did one when she was a baby and never did follow up (oops!). I guess they will call me with that information later this week or next. Then...we came home to find what I believe might be termites...if you know anything about us - you know that I attempt to keep our house VERY clean (and I hate bugs) and that our yard always looks great (well the front anyways!) because Joe works so very hard at I think of termites and I shiver...but I know a lot of people have them and its nothing I did to get them except move to Virginia...anyways...this is what they looked like...

I'm not totally sure if it is termites or not but this is the nasty stuff I swept out of the wood area and it was only on one side of the garage entry way at the bottom... Anyways....moving on :) We did a few things around here and had some lunch. I really wanted sushi...I've been thinking about it a lot lately and then finally got some yesterday for lunch for the first time since Joe & I were at Hanscom in 2005...yes...a LONG time. It was so yummy and I wanted more today but the kids were sleeping so I ended up with guacamole - almost as yummy! We hit up the church to do a few preschool related things and fix the sign out in front which was a total was so hot and the ground which should have been soft wasn't as soft as I thought it would be... We came home and Amelia napped and woke up with a fever...yes...another one. UGH. I hit up the pharmacy to get the medication for Abby and then took her to kids night at Chick Fil A to meet our friends Sabrina and Samm. They had a good little dinner. Abby even tried the new peach shake because they make smaller sizes...I must say its a bit too sweet for my liking! Then we piled in the car and came home for a snooze...bedtime at last!!! Enjoy some pictures from today!!!

Our garden pictures:

These are peas...snap peas? I think...not sure if they are looking right or not...hmm. Our first red tomato...Abby wants to pick it with Daddy...I think she doesn't realize that means we have to wait a we have a week to wait? I'm shooting these with the Canon PS so not the best focus...but is this what cucumbers look like? Do they start all fuzzy...I haven't seen any cucumbers yet but we have the plants...we have some other stuff growing...jalepeno plants - cantelope - watermelon...nothing on those yet either...the jalepeno plant looks really strong though...see below... Oh...but as I was going to check the garden I fell into the moles work...lovely...
And earlier today at dinner Amelia was munching on a toddler mum-mum -- they are way cooler then the baby ones. The baby ones she always manages to bite of these huge pieces...this one she handles way better.
Couldn't not get a picture with the cow!!!! Oh and earlier today Abby was all about taking pictures and talking into the camera...she wants to talk to Daddy thru the camera and not on the phone these days....and then she likes to watch herself over and over again on the video! far...all I have are the pictures but soon I'll post a link with today's video for you to check out! I'm having trouble uploading video through Blogger so I have to do it at another site - no biggie! :)
----and the video----
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Gina said...


Yes, snap peas. They look just like ours.

Cucumbers...uh, I think they look normal, too. ;)

I hate moles.

Way to blog!! I need to follow suit now.