Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Catchin' up!

I'm back from our little trip north...and while we had fun I'm glad to be home in my own surroundings. It was a very very busy time! We drove up after the 830 service to Uncle Josh's...and we brought our three dollar yard sale purchase! Uncle Josh and Abby then got some spray paint and sprayed the Fred Flinstone car...its an adorable shade of purple and navy. She loves it...and for three dollars...its not a bad purchase!
We had Moe's for lunch - Abby got a Moo Moo Mr. Cow or something like that for lunch. Its basically a mini burrito and it was so adorable. It had chicken olives cheese and tomatos in it! Amelia shared some of mine with tofu & guac & beans...note to self babies who eat beans do not make pretty diapers!!! We played around the house for a bit and then walked to the park near Uncle Josh's was too hot (the playground equipment was burning her little legs) so we took her to an indoor play place and then stopped and got icecream at Brewsters on the way home. I'd never been to was adorable. If you are 40'' or less you get a free icecream cone. Abby got purple dinosaur - its basically purple colored vanilla icecream - she loved it!
Went to Krystin's house shortly after that and saw Kevin...he was on his way out when I got there. WOW. Its hard to believe it had been more then two years since I had seen him. I'm sure he's slightly nervous that I live so close - ha ha!
Krystin & I had a great time. On Monday we met up with some girls from a group at Chick Fil A for breakfast. I think Krystin really hit it off with that group...and one of the Mom's had a little dude that was born on Amelia's birthday!!! And another Mom had an uber cute hairstyle...(I need a haircut I'm just too afraid to do anything!). Then right after that event we went to the park - Leesylvania State Park for another meetup. This park is fabulous. I'm really glad we were able to go. Unfortunately I didn't bring my good camera and even if I did I wouldn't have had a chance to take great pictures because 2 adults to 6 kids is HARD WORK!!! It is a beautiful park. It was just fabulous!!!
Tuesday was laid back - well - sorta. We ran a couple errands and then took the kids to Chuck E Cheese so they could have a fun time. Krystin hadn't been to Chuck E Cheese since Jenna was little - I think 4 years. And poor Jenna thought she was allergic to it! Ha Ha! It was really nice though and the kids had a lot of fun...we hit a few stores up after that - I'm looking for a new skirt for church (not finding the one I see in my head!!!) and then met Josh for dinner at Central Park before heading home.
It was a short trip and lots of fun. I look forward to seeing them all again soon but for right now I'm happy to be home - just a few more days and Joe's home...we all can't wait!!!
Pictures & Video below...
The way cute park...

My little dare devil...this one always makes me nervous although she does just fine...Amelia & Jack love each other. Jack couldn't get enough Amelia...seriously way too cute!Krystin & I accidentally let the kids leave the state! Meghan Jenna Kenneth & Abby went to Maryland...Abby & Kenneth got along okay - they both LOVED this ride for some reason...Look how cute he is...These two are going to cause Kevin (Krystin's hubby) lots of trouble when they are older...they are adorable...Amelia just enjoyin' life...Jack is by far the funniest Rowley;) He's so stinkin' chubby...At the end Abby won 135 tickets so she got a couple mini lollipops and this wand...I said "Abby say cheese" and all the pictures look I tell her to take her lollipop out of her mouth while she smiles...and this is what it looks like. Goodness. I can't help but laugh at that silly face...she's not so photogenic when she tries hard...Amelia was pooped...enough fun for one day!

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