Friday, June 12, 2009


Today started off really early - Amelia woke up at 5am with a fever. It was so early. I was so tired...but it all worked out. I gave her some motrin and held her rocked her fed her...and got her back to sleep in the swing - all while Abby slept! I then got a hot felt like it was probably 20 minutes long or something - it was so peaceful. Shortly after I got out of the shower Abby woke up and then freaked out that Amelia was no where to be seen...when I told her I sold her to the pirates Abby screamed running into Amelia's room and woke her up...I guess my joke wasn't funny at all...we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast - Abby's favorite. And then got ready for the doctor. We had an appointment at 10-- it was a good appointment...well as good as it can get when they tell you your not even 8 month old daughter (7 months 3 weeks and 6 days to be exact) has another ear infection. The doctor & I had a long discussion and a referral to the ENT was given. She thinks it would be in Amelia's best interest for tubes to be will prevent a lot of illness in the upcoming year especially with how our winter was this year! I made an appointment (2 actually) one in July 20 and the other August 11. We'll see which one we keep...I'm on wait lists for both places...I'm just hoping we don't have several more infections in between.
Aside from the doctors we had a good day. Amelia napped - Abby fought naps...became a grouch and ended up in time out (corner)...but it was a good day. They play so cute and are so amazing! I try to get things on video and then when I turn it on Abby stops her cuteness and singing...its so silly.
Tomorrow will be a busy day...we're heading out to do some yard saling in the morning with Melissa & Iszak because Chad has to work and then we're going to meet up at St. Mark's with Samantha & crew to do some organizational work...the best part is our neighbor Jenna who is a lifeguard down at the subdivisions pool is going to swing by in the afternoon and take Abby to the pool. Abby will be so happy because she loves the pool - but with Amelia sick I just can't take she'll get some one on one swim time and perhaps a little swim lesson. She'll be exhausted!!!
Time for pictures....who you looking at?!
Standing chatting with Momma...she's so happy! Oh...and this outfit is so stinkin' cute its 3-6months tho!! (She's a lot smaller then at the doctor she weighed 19 pounds 11 ounces!!!! -- Abby at 8 months weighed 23 pounds!!)I want the camera...Can you see my tooth? Its totally coming up and you can see it...when looking at picture look bottom middle left :) (aka its her bottom middle right)Hanging out in time out;) What a cutie!!!!

And today's can hear Abby screaming "Mommy" from her time-out...she's fine now though;) I promise!!

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