Monday, March 30, 2009

Yesterday & Today

We have been so busy lately! Here Joe is taking Abby over to the park to feed the horses some carrots. The park is directly behind the house you see in the picture. We can actually see the horses sometimes from the master bedroom window...Abby usually climbs up on our bed and looks out - when she sees the horses she screams "I see them! I see them! They are awake!"
We also used this weekend to start our homeschooling adventure. I'm so very glad that Joe is supportive of it! Here Abby is coloring the letter A! If you notice she's coloring with her left hand. I'm really curious if she's a lefty or a righty. I'm not sure how you can tell or what age it is "decided". Someone told me to just wait and see and she'll let us know. While that's a great idea - I'd rather know now which hand is dominant. When she colors with her left hand she can make small lines and color in the lines however when using the right hand she often has lines 8-11 inches long (ie the whole length of the paper!). Any ideas?
We also had a blast outside yesterday riding bikes! Look how cute she is. She has a helmet but wasn't wearing it on the trike...although she's going to have to start wearing it all the time because she's a SPEED DEMON!

Here is Amelia laying in the grass...such a happy baby! This is photo has yet to be editted. I really need some work on how to take good pictures. Thankfully I did buy the book recommended but have yet to had a good chance to actually read it!

Our weekend as you can see was fabulous! Abby & Joe also washed Joe's car...and Abby picked up her first ever wormy - we named him Sherman. (After the worman in the Backyardigans!). we thought was going to be just as warm as yesterday but we were wrong! It was freezing! I attempted to take Abby to the park but had to leave earlier then I wanted to because poor Amelia (and Mommy) were frozen! And...according to the car it was 56! I beg to differ!!! It was crazy windy out too!

After we left the park we hit up Chick Fil A with Ellen & Bella and Kaye & Gideon. Abby kept saying "I ate Gideon for lunch" she's so funny! Here are some pictures from the play area...we had fun until it became too crowded and we had to scoot.

When we got home we did some art - a cow made out of squares! This week our lesson is about cows, squares, the letter A and the number 1. Abby had a blast glueing it all together. Some how the cow has four legs but one of them is coming out of its back! And then a tail :) She's so cute...and very proud...showing off her art and saying COW!

Oh...and another shot of Amelia - usually I take lots of pictures of Amelia but not today for some reason. Here she is not being very happy that she's in her high chair watching Abby play...she's like c'mon Mom feed me!

More pictures and stories later! :) I've gotta run and get some rest...tomorrow is another fabulous day waiting to be made!


Renae said...

Congrats on your home schooling adventure! I think we decided not to put S into preschool next year, so I may be picking your brain. I hope you have lots of fun with it, and your girls are such adorable little dolls. :) Miss you!

Gina said...

So fun!! You're doing great with the camera. :)