Friday, March 27, 2009

Grey Grey GO AWAY!!!

Its been one of those days...seriously grey. It reminds me of Ohio...although I think I just remember Ohio being grey because everyone around me compares Ohio to grey. When I think about Ohio I think about the lifelong friends I made there - the awesome thunderstorms that would roll in...and how I'd watch them sitting on my bed as the room overlooked a field of was awesome.
Now...back to the greyness. It stinks. It has been raining for what seems like ever...and it makes me V-E-R-Y tired. Can you hear me yawning?
In other news...I've had a lot of awesome feedback from some cool people about home schooling and it honestly surprised me that a few people were so supportive! Some people were negative and that's okay too! :)
I've been on the hunt for some good curriculum (that is not overly bible-based) -- I'm still hunting so any & all suggestions would be great. I'll probably get something to start in September. BUT - In the meantime I'm going to be doing this starting on Monday! I'm hopeful that it'll go well...we shall see!
I still have lots of questions regarding homeschooling but I'm going to run with it - ask the questions when I need to and figure things out. I have faith it'll work wonders for us.

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