Saturday, March 28, 2009

And it starts!

I'm so excited to start this home school program for Abby! I think it'll be wonderful. I decided forget waiting until Monday we're going to do a little each day! Plus we have a lot more time on the weekends to do fun things and he's ready to be really involved with it as well! Abby went down for a nap this afternoon so Amelia and I ran to the library to pick up some starter books about cows. I managed to get: "The Cow Who Wouldn't Come Down" "Everywhere the Cow Says Moo" "Moo in the Morning" "No Milk" "There is nothing to d-o-o-o!". They only had five. And most of the ones on the list they didn't have so I had to do some searching. The guy behind the counter was uber helpful though and told me I could just order them online. So - I already did that for next weeks lesson about the Jungle. I ordered 10 books. They probably won't be ready for pick up until Tues/Weds but that's fine because I'll start those NEXT weekend;) Perhaps I'll get some photos of Abby enjoying her first lesson! Its all about organization -- and I'm really trying!!! Will update more later - super excited!

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Gina said...

yea!! Have fun! :)