Monday, November 24, 2008


I guess time has passed over the last month and I've not really had a free minute to write a blog - let alone check any! is my attempt at filling in all the good details between then and now. For starters...we had a fabulous birth (duh) but then a somewhat rough start. I wasn't sure what it was but I imagined it would have been smoother. When I gave birth to Abby forever ago she popped out and there was an immediate love -- well more immediate then this love. Then I got sick after having Amelia (what didn't I have?!). took awhile but one day I opened my eyes and thought HOW CAN I NOT LOVE HER?! She's fabulous! How did life ever exist without her...seriously. Lots happened in the last month too! Joe had some time off after Amelia's birth and then my Mom came back to town to help out for a week - thank goodness! Because we had a few scary moments that landed me back at the OB and I don't know what I would have done without her here. She helped quite a bit around the house and made the transition so much easier then I could have imagined. Family & Friends came into town to celebrate Amelia's baptism on Nov 9. A fabulous celebration with not so great pictures...but a fabulous celebration none the less! Then the ILs came for a was a pretty good visit...and Amelia turned a month old. time flies... That brings us to now...she's almost 6 weeks old. Again - where is time?! She's got the cutest little thigh roll forming (yes its cute)....she's growing like a weed and weighed in at 9-2 & 21.5'' at 1m so I'm thinking she's probably 10 pounds by now! The little porker... And...last but not least...we have successfully started a playgroup at St. Mark's! I'm so excited!!! Here are some pictures from the last month (for more just check our kodak site):


Gina said... we just need to find time to actually chat. ;) Miss ya! She is a cutie.

NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

YEAH a Blog!!!
I talk to you often, but still good to see a blog!

Sarah said...

the girls are seriously too cute!