Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Weekend...

has flown by!!! Seriously - I slacked majorly this weekend on the whole photo taking thing. I don't even know where to begin on things we did! Its just been crazy! Thinking back we hung out around the house for quite a bit yesterday and just did some random stuff. Mainly getting ready for the soon to be new addition! Joe finished a few things that needed to be done in Amelia's room and Abby and I cleaned up her room a bit. I even got Abby down for a nap in her room - go meeeee! While she was down for a nap Joe mowed the lawn and I cleaned up a bit...nothing fabulous. I even thought more about packing the hospital just didn't happen. When Abby got up we ran some errands! Joe & I decided to upgrade our cell phones for our birthday so we hit up the Verizon store...yeah. The lady at the store wasn't very helpful and in the end we found out it was cheaper to upgrade online then in store -- yeah ridiculously cheaper online. We also went to Lowe's where Joe got a new tool box - one of the ones that is on wheels and stuff...and then got a new light for the dining room (now all our light fixtures match!) and a few other small odds and ends. Checking out was a big pita! They had to ring it up four times before everything went through because the lady just couldn't figure it out. We grabbed some dinner & then hit up BJs for groceries. Now we've got a freezer filled with food and hopefully it'll last awhile. Although I'm already realizing we don't have enough milk & OJ...two things that Joe thinks we can skimp on but it never really works out that way...we always run out!!! By the time we got home I was ridiculously swollen and uncomfortable. I was happy though that I had made it another day. I ended up going to bed while Joe watched the Sox game downstairs and on the news they talked about a Special Delivery at Melting Pot in Virginia Beach - apparently a woman had a baby there on 10/10! Crazy! I slept really well last night and was concerned earlier today about how well I felt. Thankfully I started to feel not so well rather quickly. Gotta keep this baby in until Dr. Lee's on call...I keep repeating! We did some stuff around the house this morning - mainly lounged and watched Toy Story while Joe put up the new light (I told him to wait until later because he was going to have a bit of time off - 2 weeks but he wanted to do it today - looks good - will take picture later.) And then we got showered & dressed and went out for lunch at Red Robin and a quick run to Target & Care a Lot pets~ Abby got Toy Story 2 and we got a few odds and ends and dog food... When we got home Abby and I took a 3+ hour nap which was wonderful although I don't recommend it because then she didn't fall asleep until 11pm tonight - yeah...crazy! I'm just getting ready to go to bed myself but I figured I should update the blog so you all know I'm still around. I only have a few pictures from this weekend so I'll add them later...I gotta get to bed before its morning! Only a few more days!!!

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NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

I hope miss Mia lets you get your rest so you can be effective in your pushin'! LOL
GHA, I wish the men folk would let us chat a bit... this day is weird w/o my morning talk w/ you!!