Saturday, October 4, 2008

Oh...what a day. I think I knew last night that today was going to be one of those long days. I'm sure I knew...I had to have. Anyways. Abby comes into the room at some point in the middle of the night having to pee. Joe takes her to the bathroom and all seems well...and then she comes to bed with us (we're lazy). Its quiet but then I realize I have to pee ridiculously bad. I think pee the bed or just go for the toilet. Yes...seriously - I did contemplate just letting it go - I'm pregnant afterall and accidents happen. No...I get up....I wouldn't have peed the bed but does go through your head - just how long can I hold it? WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Great. WTF. So after I pee...I get back in the bed...and I'm laying there. Now no one is sleeping and its pure hell at 5am. I'm like whatever - I'll go sleep on the couch. So I get up to go downstairs and Abby screams again. MOMMY! now I'm taking the pillow & the 2 year old. How'd I get so lucky?! I get downstairs and realize I'm hungry so I get us each a chocolate milk and a small bowl of goldfish...I know I'm an awesome Mom...go ahead tell me. We're laying on the couch watching whatever is on CNN (its HD ladies...if Fox came in on HD then I would have been watching Fox News but no...CNN). Anywho. She decides she's not going to lay with me anymore and gets up to play...seriously - go ahead. She played while I semi-slept - while Joe slept peacefully in the nice comfy bed - while the dogs were upstairs in their crate. I did actually get up off the couch once when she was stomping around the hardwood with high heels...and then when I finally when she was in the bathroom running water with a tutu on- scarf - hat and high heels and she was standing on the toilet so she could reach the sink...yeah...that would have been an awesome picture. But the camera was upstairs...and I so wasn't going to get it. Now...I'm awake....really awake. Abby's hungry...she's been awake for awhile so we opt for muffins. She's quite the muffin mixer. Pictures? No...the camera is still upstairs but finally I get in gear and go get it - so fresh muffins: Abby greets Daddy with a morning kiss... This is what the playroom looked like when I woke up...someone was having fun :) After breakfast we all get ready for the big plans but no little plans either. Abby & I run to the post office to mail off a package. Normally I'd leave it out front but Roger isn't our carrier anymore and they haven't assigned us someone yet so half the time I leave things out they don't get picked up - stupid carriers! I go to the post office and come home to find boxes and boxes of baby stuff...Abby & I help Joe go through it and start to make a pile of things - here's part of the pile (the rest is in the garage): Abby's super excited she's having a baby sister. At lunch she points out that Biscuit has eye boogers - it sounds more like boooooooooogers. You can't see them in the picture though.
She's trying to be so helpful these days...but her learning to open the back slider isn't what I think helpful is. Here its locked and she's trying so hard! Now she's helping get dinner out of the oven - she won't touch the oven without mitts on...and definitely isn't allowed to open it or get the stuff out but she thinks she's helping...again - she's 2...I think its kinda cute. The baby got ditched on the floor...for hours! After dinner I admire the fresh cut grass. I love fresh cut grass...I tried to take a picture of the awesome guy that mowed it but he took the camera and deleted the pictures dude - wth! This is how the grass stays so green - not looking forward to next months water bill - eeek!
Abby getting ready to mow the lawn...she's so excited...and my pictures are all messed up because I accidentally put them on the right side and not center...but I'm too lazy to fix it - so enjoy this one update for all the remaining pictures...she's so stinkin' cute.
OMG - and I forgot the most important part of the blog. Before dinner Abby & I left while Joe seeded the grass a bit. We went to Farm Fresh to get pumpkin pie & pumpkin icecream...yes - no pumpkin pie - not even frozen. No pumpkin muffins. No pumpkin bread. No pumpkin squares. SERIOUSLY. They did have Edy's Pumpkin Ice Cream...its okay but could honestly be better. I think I wanted the pie more then the ice totally could have used some chocolate chips...milk chocolate not white chocolate - I've got white...ahh. What a dilemma. I think Joe thinks I'm crazy because I'm craving apples & pumpkin and eating both several times aday...but you know least I'm in the right fricken season! If it was April...where would I get good apples & pumpkin? point exactly...its festive...


Gina said...

Haha!! Love it. And you win.

NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

dood i lost?? lol
great blog, mine soon to follow