Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Let's see...where to start? Ok - yesterday was a crazy day that landed me a visit at L&D (here's a picture of my bracelet LOL) but thankfully I got to come home and relax...determined to have a 10-9-8 baby I start my day! With a really hot hot hot hot hot shower...I was still feeling gross so I knew I'd be placing a call to the OB just to see what was going on etc. But I was going to wait until lunch or later because I wanted to see if I could get things going... Note to self - when taking a hot shower and leaving the door to the bathroom & bedroom open - turn on fans - the one in the bathroom and the one in the bedroom... Otherwise you'll have to explain to your husband why the smoke detector is going off -ROFLMAO!
I'm motivated. Let's get these contractions going!!! Abby's helping... I think I managed to make almost 14 piles of leaves. There are still some leaves that need to be raked but I give up. Nothing happened with all my raking... Abby quit raking and went to coloring... But then decided to help again...
Barley loves to run.... And so does the Bisc. We went in for a healthy lunch - fruit & cheese & crackers w/ yogurt and milk... Yum. Then we took a nap - I called the OB and made an appointment for 10-9 at 945. We cleaned the house like crazy and NOTHING. Oh well...there is still hope for a 10-9-8'r.


NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

did you post these 2 blogs at the same time?? grrr!
Sorry you didn't have a 10/9 baby, but 10/10 is good too!! ;oP

Gina said...

I think K is right...10/10 would be fun. But I know you don't think so, stay in baby!! :) btw, you're a better lunch-maker than me. looks yummy