Friday, October 10, 2008

Fabulous - that's what today has been! I just need to say that I really had a wonderful day despite all the crap that's gone on this week - what a blessing! First a picture (actually two) for Sarah - I'm not sure you can tell? S0 this morning - the usual routine - talk to Krystin and then pester Ellen...well Ellen tries to convince me to go to I need convincing? Actually I do. Because nothing really sounds good to eat - but I figure Abby would eat and then have some playtime so I go. She had a fabulous time and loved it. Then...we decide to have Ellen & Bella come over and make pie...mmm...pumpkin pie. This is us working on the pie...we're not Gina Fensterer though...we use canned pumpkin LOL.
This is what it looked like before we actually mixed it -- uh...yeah... Mixing it all up...mmm... Finished product. (Obviously there was a lot more to it but looks super yummy doesn't it?!) The rest of the day was pretty good too. I tried to take a nap with Abby but failed she napped and I giggled on the phone with Krystin - good times. Then Abby woke up and we watched Toy Story AGAIN...her new favorite movie and I'm laying low and doing not much of anything so yeah. Then I tried to convince Joe to come home early and hang out (everyone elses husbands are doing it!) and about thirty minutes later I had to call and cancel that plan because there was a homecoming parade of some sort coming down our street....and thus he wouldn't be able to come instead of coming home early - it was late. But all good. We went out to dinner at Saddle Ridge it was pretty yummy and had planned to go to Coldstone Creamery after but man we were full so we just came home...and when we got home I had a bunch of mail waiting for me...and voila - cute little shirts for Amelia thanks to Danae...aren't they just adorable?! Now...back to the top pictures...*giggle* I told Sarah I was going to do such an awesome job taking pictures that if my water broke I'd take a picture of it for the blog. And then I said that'd probably be a little TMI for my blog readers. This is like DAYS ago. So this morning Sarah tells me she really hopes my water breaks so she can see a picture...ha ha ha...I don't want to go into labor this weekend because my not so favorite doctor is on call...I mean she's good - she's just not my favorite. talking to Krystin we decided wouldn't it be funny if I poured water on the floor and took a picture...why yes it would. But Krystin & I have never had the pleasure of our water breaking so we call Gina (who is on her way to Connecticut) to ask her what it looks like (I wonder if she thought mine really broke?!) and thankfully she gave us the answer. Now that you've seen what water breakage "could" look like...please pray for Amelia to stay in until someone good is on call :D
Off to watch the Sox vs Rays game...let's go Sox!


Sarah said...

ROFLMAO! dude, i was super excited when i saw those pics thinking your water had actually broken. gawsh! good dramatization, though. now i will know for future reference.

NuthinLikeGatorMama said...


Gina said...

soooooo....what about Saturday? No update? I'm in suspense!

Jamie said...

Congrats on Baby Mia! Can't wait to see pics of her and Abby together.. I love the name Amelia, btw. :o)

(Sarah's sister)