Thursday, August 28, 2008

August 2008

This month has been incredibly busy! Our good friends Todd & Laura left Virginia for their new home in Knoxville. We miss them a lot and Abby always talks about Charlotte! Below is a picture of Abby & Charlotte. Abby's bangs are so long so she looks silly but that's okay. Abby walks around the house with this picture all the time and talks about Charlotte. We didn't do a whole lot of exciting things in August...we played at the pool down the street and rested a lot. We also sold our Saturn and bought a new van so we'll have more room when Amelia arrives. Its really nice and seats 8...Joe did tell me just because it seats 8 doesn't mean we can have 6 kids...hmm! At least we'll have room for Abby & Amelia - the dogs and our junk when we travel...and then a couple more kids later down the road. Abby's getting big now and has lots of words and does lots of fun things...its amazing that she's 25 months old...seriously - where did the time go?!

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