Sunday, July 20, 2008

She's just so fabulous!

Seriously...I make a cute kid! She had her 2 year portraits done today at Picture People and they came out so wonderful. Joe and I went in planning to get the free 8x10 and then maybe 1 or 2 extra sheets. We walked away with 6 sheets but we were able to update our trilogy collection above the fireplace - it looks fabulous! Seriously, we thought she'd take like 1 or 2 good shots and got so many wonderful ones! :) Aside from that we've been busy preparing for Abby's big day next weekend - her birthday bash! Both sets of grandparents will be in for the event along with other family & friends so we're excited. We have our big 3-d ultrasound on Friday...and yes, we'll be confirming that it is yet another girl - woohoo! I can't wait to see the pictures because now is the best time to get some facial shots! We plan on bringing both Moms along with us to see the ultrasound and of course Abby who cannot get enough of her Meal-ya (Amelia). We don't have much time left being pregnant - seriously - it flies by when you're chasing a toddler! The post of 100 days was 100 days until my due date...but things have changed since that post. We have an induction date set of October 6, 2008 which is a lot earlier then I had originally been thinking about having her but we needed an actual date to give the military because we're trying to allow Joe to stay here for the birth. We shall see what happens. I think if he ends up having to leave before hand I'll push it closer to our birthdays...and if he doesn't leave at all (fat chance) then I'll go naturally...ha ha ha! We all know how patient I can be :) I'm a big planner...and I definitely need to plan to be at the hospital and not stuck in the tunnel trying to get to the hospital. I'll be posting new pictures of Abby as soon as Picture People sends me the link for them. Of course, they say zazzle over the front but at least you'll get an idea...and you'll understand that its easy for me to save them that way instead of scanning them all individually. In other news - Abby's a hoot. We're trying to teach her that her name is Abby Bellucci and she keeps calling her self Abby Boochie. Its soooo stinking cute that we have been asking her to call Biscuit & Barley by Bellucci too. In a magazine I was reading it said by age 2 they should say 100 words and know another 100. Joe and I originally thought that sounded like a lot of words but man...this kid can talk and says so many different and funny things! I promise I'll try and get some video of her saying her last name soon! Look back soon for pictures & video!!!

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