Friday, July 11, 2008


Ok...perhaps I have lost you for awhile but not forgotten about you completely :) I just keep thinking why bother updating...and more and more time passes...
So, let's catch y'all up to date...its July...and Abby's almost 2. Where does time go?! She's doing so well walking talking running playing being an adorable little kid...crazy...she's wild. She loves gym class and absolutely loves her baby doll & stroller. We've been working on potty training and I'd say she's 80% there...just nap & bedtime that we have to conquer...and naptime is going well aside from Mommy's inability to just let her go to bed in panties! We've had a few accidents but that's to be expected.
Joe & I are doing well. We have lots of stuff coming up and I'm sure time will fly by faster then we could imagine!
We found out the sex of baby #2 -- we were going to let it be a surprise but rumor had it that Joe would deploy in the fall (possibly missing #2's birth) and more then anything I wanted Joe to tell me the sex of baby #2...I got my wish - he told me all right! Two wishes actually - its another girl :) We have another ultrasound right before Abby's birthday to confirm it but we're pretty sure!
Ahh...and we've picked a name :) Amelia "Mia" Grace Bellucci -- I guess we're going with all A's...and don't worry - there are a few more A names we like :)
Lastly...a few photos for your enjoyment:

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