Tuesday, July 15, 2008

100 days...

Things seem to be going well. Joe Abby & I had a fabulous weekend. We went to Blue Bird Gap Farm and then Abby went mini-golfing for the first time. She did okay surprisingly! We also went out to dinner at this cute little German restaurant it was really yummy and Abby behaved so well. Abby's been potty training since last week and hasn't peed in her diaper while awake since last Wed/Thurs! She wears a diaper at night and training pants during the day - aside from naptime. She's doing so well and is so proud of herself! We're having a little trouble with the poop on the potty but she has done it ... its just few and far between! Well...that's about it...oh...and I've uploaded some pictures at our kodak site if you're looking for new pictures. I'll get them on here soon!

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