Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patty's Day!!

Well, things here are going great...Abby's received a bunch of Easter presents via the mail and loved them all. Her absolute favorite was the chalk from Aunt Carol - :) She carried the darn container all over the house and finally outside :)

Things around the house are coming together slowly. The countertops still aren't in - but Joe did manage to pull the one in the bathroom out! We also pulled out all the bushes in the front of the house and plan to do some landscaping soon!

We had a fun weekend - Abby had her trial gym class and decided she wanted to join - so Daddy & Abby start gym class when he gets back from Hawaii. It'll be on Saturday mornings and then she gets a free play day each week.

And...the little baby is doing well. An updated picture of its growth for you - along with a few shots of Abby!

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nonie2abby said...

Love the dude in the hat!