Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A wee bit of an update :)

Things have been quite busy lately -- sorry for the lack of an update! Joe got home on Friday from Oklahoma after sitting in Chicago for way too long with snow delays and cancelled flights! He was happy to make it home on Friday - although it was a long day of travel. The weekend was filled with small stuff...errands and of course the Super Bowl! I'll have to post some pictures of that -- she started the day in her Patriots Cheerleader outfit but Joe said absolutely not because it was so small on her that her diaper was completely showing (I put tights on her but it still wasn't acceptable) she switched to jeans & her night, we tested out some new recipes - YUM - and Abby learned to do "touch down" with her arms in the air. The game didn't end how we wanted it to - but, next year! This week has been beautiful - today it hit 80! Abby's had a lot of fun going to the park everyday seeing the horses & feeding the ducks -- and playing on the playground stuff! She's quite the climber and can get up the ladders by herself and even go across the bridge! She loves walking to the park and pointing to the ducks and saying "quack" funny, she points to the horses and says the same thing! Mmm...maybe. Tuesday Abby had her 18 month check up -- she's 34 inches tall - 28 pounds 4 ounces and 19.25'' head circ. She's in the 95% for height, 97% for head & 90% for weight. The nurse said if you take the child's height at age two and double it - that's how tall they'll be as an, right now...5'8''. That's taller then ME! She's got a little bit of height in the family...but she's got the "little" genes too - so we shall see :) We filled out the forms for the "developmental delay" and she looks like she doesn't have one - she's got plenty of words, eats with a fork & spoon, uses a cup...colors, stacks, reaches, climbs, etc. That's good to know. I'll try and update later with some new pictures - keep a look out!!!


smdab said...

keepin a look out for new pics.. :)
meeeeesh ya!

NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

for girls you double it and subtract 2".. boys you add 2" and that should be done at the 24mo well baby! Your nurse is dumb! LOL

Gina said...

roflmbo!!! Trin will be a shorty, then!

Dude...update us. It's been 10 days. hehehee