Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fun with the Fence Fam...

Today we met up with Gina, Trinity & Madelyn. They are good friends of ours from New York...well, that's where they live now - but we met while we were all at AFIT in Ohio. Madelyn is about 5 weeks older then Abby and Trinity just turned 3 in November. They were in DC this past weekend visiting so we decided to get together in Richmond - which is halfway from Hampton to Arlington.

Our visit started at the Play Room which is a small area with some blow ups to jump on and toys to play with...this place was nice because it was a flat rate for all day, even though we only stayed a little over an hour. The kids played hard and they were quite tired and hungry!

After we left there we went to Chick Fil A for lunch and the kids got to play in the play area. Abby and Trinity made it to the top and went down the slide a few times...they really liked it...Madelyn seemed to have a good time too - although I think she might have been a little afraid of Abby....?

When we finished up at Chick Fil A we took the kids across the street to the mall and walked around - they had quite a few good sales and Gina made out really well at Old Navy but seeing as I just did the big gym buck shop last week (pictures to come soon) I opted not to buy anything. They also had a little play area at the mall where the girls played and then had a snack...and then we stopped by the fountain on our walk back towards the car to get a picture...or several because we couldn't get them all to look at the camera at the same time!!!

We got in our cars and headed back towards the highway and before I even got on 95 South Abby was completely zonked!!! She slept until we were 1 mile from our house and I think she only woke up then because I hit a red light! Thankfully the ride home was quite uneventful because we did have a rather large piece of ice hit the car this morning and knock the grille off the front of the car -- Joe wasn't pleased to hear that...and is confused because there really is no ice or snow on the ground?!?!?!

We got home about 3:30 pm and had some free play at the house before Joe got home - Abby did not care for dinner tonight but did enjoy a cookie and some juice before bath. Today was Joe's first day back at work since his last TDY and he found out that his flight leaves on Sunday at 8am for Oklahoma...

And...we heard from Dr. Freed and Barley's tumor is benign...thanks for all the prayers for the little guy, he's doing a lot better!

A few pictures - more to be added later (the program is down at the moment!):

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smdab said...

such big girls!! they are all so pretty. :)