Monday, January 21, 2008

Fun with Dad

Abby has really enjoyed Joe being home the last few days - although Friday when we arrived home from picking up dinner and walked into the garage Joe was standing there with open arms for Abby and she screamed "puppy" and ran to the door to see Barley & Biscuit...aside from that...she really has enjoyed spending the weekend with Joe!

They made yummy chocolate chip cookies - although, I didn't get a lot of pictures - here are a few...Abby ate more cookie dough then Joe would have liked but he kept turning his back from Abby & the bowl...and one of the bathches got quite burnt because although he said "1 more minute" we started talking and it turned into 5 extra minutes...regardless, the other batches were yummy and Abby keeps going into the pantry...pointing at the container and saying "cookie peeez"


p4jbell said...
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nonie2abby said...

Just love that hat!