Thursday, January 17, 2008

Abby loves to play!

Abby is such a happy little kid - she's seriously a hoot. She loves playing with all her new toys - and even the toys that aren't hers! She's getting more and more new words each day - we're working on counting and our abc's. So far her favorite letter is "b". I'll say Abby let's do the ABC's...A (she says B) C (she says B) I say, no silly D (she says B)...and it continues. I guess she needs a little more work with that! She does much better with her counting - 1 to 14...that is because everytime we climb up and down the stairs we she really only has it "down" when we're going "down" the stairs! But, still...its a start! Here are a few pictures of Abby & "Baby Teen" (Christine) playing...Abby seriously LOVES Christine...sometimes I think she loves Christine more then she loves us!

Abby playing Dance Dance Revolution on the Wii:

Christine loving Abby:

Abby & Christine love playing together:

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Renae said...

Look at her hair! She is so adorable. What a sweetheart, wish I could squeeze her. :)